"visit.brussels' let's meet in brussels 2015" is industry’s number 1 guide for meeting organizers in Brussels. And we turned it into a tablet app!
visit.brussels is the Tourism and convention bureau of Brussels, Belgium. They wanted to add a new dimension to their "let's meet in Brussels" printed brochure by turning it into...
 ... a multimedia, interactive, multitouch tablet app within a kiosk containing all their publications.
visit.brussels commissioned us to develop the tablet application with interactivity, videos, fullscreen slideshows,... Here is an example of an interactive map allowing to filter some venue and hotel options.
One of the most important requirements was the ability to look for specific words with a Text Search Engine. Twixl Publisher provides this feature.
Locating the selected venue is easy with a zoomable map enabled for hand gestures.
We have used 
- Adobe Edge Animate for the HTML5 animations
- Handbrake to compress and optimize the videos
- Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop for the layout
- Automatication Multi Find/Change to execute batches of saved Find/Change queries (http://www.automatication.com/index.php?id=22)
- Customized InDesign JavaScripts to automate all repeating tasks
- Twixl Publisher to turn the InDesign layouts into iOS, Android and Amazon apps, and a Web version
Watch the 1-minute presentation video where you can have a glimpse of some of the animations and interactive features:
Graphic design: Luc Steve
Print and tablet layouts and workflows, animations and tablet technology: Branislav Milic
Project management: Etienne Lens

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